Rental containers

Type of containers
Type Extern Intern Volume Weight/tara +/- 2%
10ft Standaard 2990mm(L) 2700mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2343mm(B) 16m³ 1380kgs
2590mm(H) 2375mm(H)
20ft Standaard 6058mm(L) 5880mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2345mm(B) 32m³ 2245kgs
2591mm(H) 2385mm(H)
20ft Flat Collapsable 6058mm(L) 5560mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2170mm(B) +/-27.9m³ +/- 2740kgs
2590mm(H) 2210mm(H)
20ft Flat Fixed 6058mm(L) 5720mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2240mm(B) +/-27.9m³ +/-2740kgs
2590mm(H) 2250mm(H)
20ft Open Top 6058mm(L) 5880mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2240mm(B) 32.6m³ 2300kgs
2591mm(H) 2310mm(H)
20ft High Cube 6058mm(L) 5898mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2287mm(B) 37.4m³ 2340kgs
2896mm(H) 2698mm(H)
40ft Standaard 12192mm(L) 12010mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2345mm(B) 67.00m³ 3705kgs
2590mm(H) 2385mm(H)
40ft High Cube 9.6 12192mm(L) 12010mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2345mm(B) 76.20m³ 3900kgs
2895mm(H) 2690mm(H)
40ft Pallet Wide 8.6 12192mm(L) 12010mm(L)
2500mm(B) 2440mm(B) 69.1m³ 3900kgs
2590mm(H) 2385mm(H)
40ft HC PW 9.6 12192mm(L) 12010mm(L)
2500mm(B) 2440mm(B) 77.5m³ 3965kgs
2895mm(H) 2670mm(H)
40ft Flat Fixed 12200mm(L) 12030mm(L)
2440mm(B) 2240mm(B) 53.8m³ 4200kgs
2590mm(H) 2030mm(H)
40ft Open Top (OT) 12192mm(L) 12040mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2345mm(B) 67.20m³ 3800kgs
2590mm(H) 2385mm(H)
45ft HC PW 9.1 13716mm(L) 13553mm(L)
2500mm(B) 2426mm(B) 85.0m³ 4300kgs
2775mm(H) 2563mm(H)
45ft HC PW 9.6 13716mm(L) 13553mm(L)
2500mm(B) 2426mm(B) 88.7m³ 4450kgs
2896mm(H) 2684mm(H)
* Above dimensions / values are within the standard production standards.
Weights and weights can vary slightly on the basis of various series.