Container storage and transfer

December 05 2017

Storage and transfer of empty containers.

Progeco Holland’s empty depots are available to all: the storage and transfer facilities are used by shipping and leasing companies, agents and logistical service providers. This also applies to the additional services like, maintenance, repair and modification.

The container depots are located on Heijplaat, in the centre of the port area of Rotterdam and easily accessible by both lorry and ship. In Duisburg, we make use of the D3T terminal.

If required, Progeco Holland can take care of the transport of your containers between your location (or a sea port or inland terminal) and one of our depots, or vice versa.

Depot One
Eemhavenweg 123 (harbour number 2655)

Depot Too
Bunschotenweg 134 (harbour number 2696)

Depot Three
Droogdokweg 92 (harbour number 2558)

Depot Duisburg
Rotterdamer Str. 30, 47229 Duisburg, Germany