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Progeco Holland
Droogdokweg 71
3089 JN Rotterdam
Harbour no. 2655

Progeco One
Eemhavenweg 123
3089 KE Rotterdam
Harbour no. 2655

Progeco Too
Bunschotenweg 134
3089 KC Rotterdam
Harbour no. 2696

Progeco Three
Ingang: Droogdokweg 92
3089 JL Rotterdam
Harbour no. 2558

Progeco Duisburg
Rotterdamer Str. 30
47229 Duisburg

Phone +31 10 42 91 800

Opening hours
Monday to Friday:
from 06:00 to 22:30

E-mail customer service

You can always come to Progeco for all your questions about repair and maintenance, modification, sales and rental, storage and transfer of empty containers, barge connections, pre-trip inspection of reefers and installation of flexitanks. We will be more than happy to offer you our expert help.