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Progeco Holland worldwide container services offers

  • Equipment
    Progeco Holland is possesses the following equipment: Empty Handlers: 14 units - Fantuzzi, Hyst...
  • Container modification
    Modified Progeco Holland sea containers on request for a specific application or load. This made-to-...
  • Container sale and rental
    Progeco is also the place for the sale and rental of containers. Container sale Progeco Holland ...
  • Barge connected
    Progeco Holland’s depots are all next to water so that containers can be delivered and removed by ...
  • Flexitanks and Liner Bags
    Progeco Holland supplies and installs all sorts of flexitanks. The bulk packaging for non-hazardous ...
  • Reefers, including PTI facilities
    Progeco Holland is an expert in the field of reefers and refrigerated containers. Progeco Holland pr...
  • Container repair and maintenance
    Progeco Holland can undertake all sorts of inspections, maintenance and repairs to containers. We ha...
  • Container storage and transfer
    Storage and transfer of empty containers. Progeco Holland’s empty depots are available to all: ...

You’re at the right place at Progeco Holland for empty sea containers and everything else that has to do with them. We have three empty depots in Rotterdam where you can come for comprehensive services and fast assistance.

Depots and terminals are easily accessible

Progeco has been active in Europa for more than 30 years

It is a force to be reckoned with in the area of sales, rental and repair of containers, including reefers, and storage. Progeco Holland has an extensive network at its disposal. You will find it at many strategic locations in Europe.

Its terminals are easily accessible

A number of terminals are even accessible for seagoing ships, inland vessels, trains and lorries.

Progeco’s special Mobile Repair Service

Progeco offers a special Mobile Repair Service with specially trained professionals who are active in the whole of Europe. The Mobile Repair Service is deployed for specialist work, including checking reefers for R40 and repairing them where necessary.

Depot to Terminal Full Service

Our depots in Rotterdam are modern and easily accessible by road and water. We also offer a Depot to Terminal Full Service for flexitanks and a mobile repair service (also for reefers). Our repair personnel are active in the whole of the Netherlands and, from our service point in Duisburg, the entire Rhine catchment area to Basel.

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Quotes from the market

“Progeco has a professional mobile team with service technicians for (urgent) repairs and on-site maintenance.”


“Who thinks of containers thinks of Progeco”


“In addition to three depots in the Port of Rotterdam, Progeco also has a depot in Duisburg”


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